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ORD TYPE DESCRIPTION ORGANIZER DATE 1. [D] Incomplete tutorial on color block painting by lstar@smth 2013-02-16 2. [D] Brief analysis of color block diagram I by windzison 2004-09-20 3. [D] How to do color block painting by Sinasina@nkbbs 2007-02-04 4. [D] Chinese structure drawing experience 2009-02-08 5. [F] ANSI one sentence tips soulfox 2013-04-13 6. [F] A message for newbies by sadgirl@WHU allenwu 2013-04-13 7. [F] Getting Started with Ascii by yac Castellio 2013-04-13 8. [F] Drawing experience of Taiwanese prawn Gatchaman qinyin 2013-04-13 9. [F] Teach you step by step how to draw color block diagram aday@ustc Spirit 2007-01-13 10. [F] An example of Bmp2ascii by freshtime@newsmth legendspirit 2007-04-04 11. [F] Re: A newbie asks about color blocks... sunfyer 2013-02-16 12. [F] I will also write a tutorial qinyin 2013-02-16 13. [F] Re: summer JuliaFrank 2013-02-16 14. [F] It's a shame, I hope it can be corrected JuliaFrank 2013-02-17 15. [F] Re: It’s a shame. I hope it can be corrected. JuliaFrank 2013-02-17 16. [F] Re: I ask a very stupid question lzl 2013-04-13 17. [F] [Collection] Ask a few ASCII edge questions seaboy 2013-04-13 18. [F] Re: broken necklace Castellio 2014-02-12 19. [F] Re: loli face Castellio 2014-05-02 20. [F] [Question] How would you draw QQ like this? Castellio 2014-05-12 21. [F] [Question] How do you make your objects and pictures? Castellio 2014-05-12 22. [F] Color block diagram drawing thinking by Gatchaman Castellio 2014-05-12 23. [F] How to make a baby face from the front Castellio 2014-05-19 24. [F] Children's shoes, look over here. Introduction to color blocks. Castellio 2014-05-22 25. [F] [Impression] Unparalleled experience Castellio 2014-05-26 26. [F] [Impressions] Unparalleled experience 2 Castellio 2014-05-26